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OUR District Minister


As registered member of the presbyterian church of Ghana Germany District, the church is regularly being visited bv one of the currently serving three ministers of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana Germany District, Rev. George Yeboah Boakye (District Minister) who is the presiding minister at the PCG Düsseldorf, Rev Emmanuel Peace Congregation Paris and Rev. Omare  of and Rev. Bernard Kyeremeh of PCG Frankfurt




Emerged and founded on the 19th of October 1996 in Stuttgart, Germany, the Presbyterian Church of Ghana Resurrection Congregation Stuttgart reorganized itself on the 9th October 2014 as an independent acting congregation which maintains close ties to it's Mother Church in Ghana and the corresponding District in Germany with it's Head in Düsseldorf.


The Congregations consists of approximately 95 Members and the current Catechist is known by the name Mr. Joseph Donkor. The

The Church's nurture and aim is to proclaim the Word of God, promote the Christian Doctrine and the international spirit of unity and tolerance of other religions. The Church also promotes the structuring, formation and support of cultural and social projects of the Presbyterian Church both in Ghana and abroad. 


Our Motto is that All may be One in Christ!

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