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After series of meetings under the auspices of Rev. Yaw Danso, PCG Ecumenical Co-worker at Worms, the congregation was founded on the 19th October, 1996. The first service took place on the 20th October 1996. 


The Congregation was inaugurated on the 21st of May 2000 by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Sam Prempeh, Moderator of the then General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. The Congregation was then known as Presbyterian Church of Ghana Stuttgart.


On the 9th October 2014, the congregation reformed itself under a new name Presbyterian Church of Ghana - Resurrection Congregation Stuttgart, following the naming standards of the Mother Church in Ghana. The congregation then becomes a fully recognized Congregation under the umbrella of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana Germany District, which has it's head office in Düsseldorf, Germany, following the hierarchical organization of the mother Church 'Presbyterian Church of Ghana'. 


The total members currently count around 80 men, women and children.


The current Catechist is Mr. Joseph Donkor.

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